Water Soluble Terpenes

Water-soluble terpenes are making a splash in hundreds of different industries. As word of the health and wellness benefits of terpenes gets around, the demand for added terpenes in foods, beverages, and beauty products is on the rise. Terpenes are the next health craze, and we expect them to make an impact on people much in the same way the antioxidant craze did. However, in their natural form, terpenes aren’t water soluble, which makes it difficult for emerging industries to capitalize on their power. That’s why we created our own line of water-soluble terpenes!

Water-soluble terpenes can be used in a variety of different ways. Water-soluble terpenes are food-grade and can mix thoroughly with water-based products without all of the science required when you add them to extractions or infusions. A few drops can add flavor and complexity to your unique water-based recipes, such as cocktails, edibles, syrups, sodas, and even topicals like lotions and lip balms. Best of all, our water-soluble terpenes offer a wide range of health and wellness effects as reported by modern research and client testimonials. Try Water-Soluble Limonene or Terpinolene for energy boosting effects or Myrcene for a relaxing euphoric experience.

Order our water-soluble terpenes in bulk or wholesale sizes and earn massive discounts. Don’t see the flavor you are looking for? Shoot us an email to get your water-soluble flavor profile custom made! Wholesale pricing is also available upon request.

Water Soluble Terpenes For The Beverage Industry

The beverage industry utilizes terpenes and flavonoids every day for sodas, flavored waters, and juices. However, these terpenes often undergo a lengthy process to take the raw terpenes and convert them into something safe to ingest. With our water-soluble terpenes, companies in the beverage industry can save time and money by skipping that step altogether and utilizing terpenes that will readily mix completely.

Our water-soluble terpenes are ready to be added to any water-based beverage, including juices, coffees, teas, and sodas. By adding terpenes to your drinks, you can be one of the first companies to offer terpene-infused health beverages to your eagerly awaiting customers. Add water-soluble Myrcene to your company’s sleepytime tea to provide your customers with a mindful product that satisfies the need to relax and enjoy the latest health craze.

Water Soluble Terpenes For The Food Industry

Much like the beverage industry, the food industry already uses some forms of terpenes in its products to enhance flavors and smells in things like candy. Water-soluble terpenes make it possible for foods to offer the health benefits of terpenes with additional unique flavors. The food industry can utilize water-soluble terpenes to provide additional health benefits to its customers. Add water-soluble terpenes to hard candies, chocolates, and other bite-sized foods to create your own unique flavor profiles and offer health-oriented customers a brand-new confection for their health and wellness needs.


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