Cannabis Oil Thickener

Viscosity Stabilizer

100% terpene thickener High/Heavy Viscosity All-Natural Extract Stabilizer for extracts and other products. This Viscosity Stabilizer is used by Extractors and at-home product formulators alike to thicken their oils, control dosing, or to liquefy solid concentrates into oil form. Subtle and light Floral Scent that is not noticeable after mixing in your product. 100% Terpene Formulation.


What is Viscosity Stabilizer?

Viscosity Stabilizer is a revolution to extract enthusiasts everywhere. Our viscosity Stabilizer is made from all-natural terpenes and is designed to be added to your extracts allowing you to control potency and lighten the color of your concentrate without making your distillates thinner. As an added bonus this will also increase the amount of product you have overall. On the other hand, you have diluents, which can make the oil runnier by lowering its viscosity here. Viscosity Stabilizer has a faint floral & earthy aroma but does not have a distinct odor or off-flavor, making it a great addition to distillates or other extracts with added terpenes. Best of all, it offers the extractor more control over their final product.

Viscosity Stabilizer features & ratios

Viscosity Stabilizer offers unmatched control over the thickness of your products by harnessing the natural properties of terpenes.


‚óŹ Helps you control the potency of your extract
‚óŹ Enables you to lighten the color of your extract
‚óŹ Helps to increase oil viscosity
‚óŹ All Natural 100% Food grade 100% Terpene Formula
‚óŹ Does NOT contain Mineral Oil, Vitamin E, MCT oil, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or polyethylene glycol.
‚óŹ Clear color
‚óŹ Won‚Äôt make your products runny
‚óŹ Changes extractions and distillates into room-temperature oil without changing the aroma or flavor of the product.
‚óŹ Mixes completely with most extraction methods including alcohol, hydrocarbon, and supercritical CO2 extraction systems without separating
‚óŹ Can help your product appear more transparent without adding emulsifiers and other additives
‚óŹ High saturation points allow it to completely dissolve and prevent crystallization of isolates and other extracts like distillate or waxes.
‚óŹ Easy to combine with extracts to achieve specific doses and ratios.
‚óŹ Dissolves ~40% product isolate per gram of thickener

Viscosity Stabilizer is formulated and manufactured by terpene extract professionals with precision. Our Viscosity Stabilizer oil thickener ensures consistency to help you give your customers a more enjoyable experience.

How to control the potency of your product with Viscosity Stabilizer

Viscosity Stabilizer is named for its ability to control the viscosity of¬†your oils¬†— By adding a thickener, you can fill more cartridges with a superior product without sacrificing its look. Not only does it allow you to fill more cartridges, but it also makes the life of your cartridges last longer. The end product tends to burn slightly more sustainably than products without a thickener. Simply add the thickener in the recommended terpene: oil ratio to achieve the ideal product and experience for your customers.


How to create the perfect viscosity and thickness of an extract with Viscosity Stabilizer cannabis oil thickener

To create the ideal cartridge with our terpenes and thickeners, we have a few recommendations: 

Recommended dilution with THC/CBD oil

5% Р10% Viscosity Stabilizer 

90% – 95% cannabis or hemp oil and Terpenes

Recommended dilution with firm/solid extracts

10% – 30% Viscosity Stabilizer

Recommended dilution for Topical formulation

10% – 30% Viscosity Stabilizer


Overall, you’re looking for a stable room temperature end product that you can fill cartridges with. A good rule of thumb is to add thickener to a runny oil until the air bubble in the cartridge tube doesn’t move. You can also mix this thickener with terpenes to allow people to sample the flavor profiles of your product without wasting valuable THC or CBD oil.


How to control the dose of a THC/CBD extract with thickeners and Diluents 


Using a thickener can help you formulate the perfect product. By adding a thickener to concentrates/extracts, you can effectively control the dose and viscosity of your products. Introducing a thickener can increase the viscosity of runny concentrates and extracts, making your distillate or infusion more effective when added to a cartridge with a specific mg capacity. If you want a less potent product, you can add a thinner to create viscosity, which lowers potency. Check out our Viscosity Booster to liquefy solid or heavy viscosity extracts and products!


Potency and consistency vary strain to strain and batch to batch. To produce an oil with a consistent dose, effect, and flavor, you need to utilize the power of terpenes as a flavor power-houses or as a thickening or thinning agent.


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