LIT Woods Terpene Flavors

Peak Terpenes is happy to announce their newest line of all-natural terpene infused flavors, called Lost in the Woods (LIT Woods). Peak Supply Co’s Lost in the ‘Woods flavors are reverse engineered much like their strain-specific terpenes to taste and smell like Backwoods™ blunt wraps. The unique flavor profiles are made with 100% terpenes only and contain no cuts and no fillers. They come in several different flavors, including the rare flavors that are currently unavailable in the US, like Banana and Grape.

What are LIT Woods Terpenes?

Lost in the ‘Woods terpenes are only made in small batches and are heavily scrutinized for irregularities to ensure the highest quality before selling to customers. Best of all, any flavors that don’t match the flavor profiles of the real thing don’t get sold. By adding Lost in the ‘Woods flavors to your distillate, cartridges, skin care products, tinctures, food, beverages (and more!), you can expect your products to taste just like a Backwoods™ wrapped around tasty bud, right down to the tobacco leaf and terpenes.

Peak Supply Co’s Backwoods™ flavors are the very first of their kind. In fact, no other company in the industry offers these unique terpene and flavor blends. In fact, Banana and Grape Backwoods™ aren’t available in the United States, making it so that the only way to taste them without traveling out of the country is with these proprietary terpene blends.


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