Water Soluble Powder Delta 3 Carene Terpene Isolate

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Water Soluble Powder Delta 3 Carene Terpene Isolate


Delta 3 Carene terpenes are found in many herbs and act as an important component in many essential oils. They add a sweet and fragrant nectar aroma to your favorite infusions and are best known for their calming mental effects. Water-soluble Delta 3 Carene terpene powder dissolves completely in water. Scientific studies suggest that Delta 3 Carene can stimulate calcium production to improve bone health.

It also acts as an anti-inflammatory with potential use for managing the symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia when added to your favorite foods, beverages, tinctures, and other non-oil liquid infusions. Peak Terpenes renders Delta 3 Carene and other terpene isolates into water-soluble powders that are ideal for non-oil liquid infusions like gel capsules tinctures and beverages and other products where liquid terpene concentrate cannot be used, such as pill press tablets.

(1 customer review)
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1 review for Water Soluble Powder Delta 3 Carene Terpene Isolate

  1. Oliver Yazzep

    the calming effect that can result to this is what I am looking for

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