Does not contain Vitamin E, PG, VG, PEGs, Mineral Oil,  or MCT


Flavorless all Natural Viscosity Booster for extracts specifially designed for high temps and states with MCT exclusion rules. Extractors buy and use diluent for use in many products to control dosing or to liquefy solid concentrates into liquid form. Made with a proprietary blend of botanical oils and terpenes.


Ingredients: Proprietary blend of terpenes and Triethyl citrate.

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High Temp MCT-free Extract Diluent

If you’re new to developing your own distillate cartridges or extracts, you’ve probably experienced the difference in oil viscosity from strain to strain and batch to batch. In order for extractions to atomize correctly within a pen or rig, the oil extract shouldn’t be too thin or too thick, depending on the type of extract. Thin and runny products look and taste cheap, which can affect the way customers see your brand! You’re probably wondering how to liquefy your winterized products and isolates without thinning them out. The answer lies within the world of diluents!

What is High Temp MCT-free extract diluent?

This diluent is designed to be added to your extracts to control your potency and lighten the color of your concentrate while thinning out hard concentrates and high viscosity oils. As an added bonus this will also increase the amount of product you have overall. Many cartridge, battery, and dab rig users tend to use the highest heat setting. This results in big hits but using too high of a temperature can cause your extracts to burn. When extracts hit their smoke point they can create unhealthy carcinogens. These findings have prompted more requests for an MCT-free substitution that works well with higher temperatures. In response we have created this wonderful product that is great for higher temperatures (although it is recommended to use lower temperatures for maximum flavor) and does not have a distinct odor or off-flavor, making it a great addition to distillates or other extracts with added terpenes. Best of all, it offers the extractor/manufacturer more control over their final product.

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