Strain Specific Terpenes

Strain Specific Terpenes

It’s scientifically proven that full-spectrum extracts – the ones that contain the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes – offer more health and wellness benefits than isolates alone. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD work together with terpenes to promote effects like focus and relaxation in what is known as the entourage effect. 

The entourage effect is the result of hundreds of different combinations between cannabinoids and terpenes. Some cannabinoids like CBN are responsible for making you feel relaxed. So are terpenes like Myrcene, which is why these two compounds are often found together in the same strain of cannabis. Cannabinoids and terpenes together are responsible for typical indica, sativa, and hybrid effects since these effects are caused by the compounds working together. Each strain contains its own unique ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids. Each individual plant will vary genetically in cannabinoids and terpenes from the next even if they are the same strain. 

The problem, however, is that cannabis extraction methods don’t always preserve the terpenes found in a cannabis strain. When this happens, the final product not only severely lacks in flavor but in the potency and effects too. Terpenes are directly responsible for tons of health and wellness benefits. When you strip them away from the cannabinoids, your effects become weaker. Without terpenes, you lose that entourage effect and can end up with a concentrate that tastes, smells, and affects people differently than the beloved flower version of the same strain. 

That’s where Peak Supply Co comes in! While many terpenes can be lost during the extraction process, they can be reintroduced with our strain-specific terpene blends. Our strain-specific terpenes are custom formulated to match the exact terpene profile of your brand of cannabis strain. Simply send us your material, and our extraction experts will recreate your exact strain’s terpene profile regardless of your phenotype.  The result is a terpene profile formulated in our lab that you to later reapply to your own cannabis extracts. 

What Make Peak Strain Specific Terpenes Better?

There are a lot of terpene providers out there, but none match our connoisseur quality and refinement process. Our strain-specific terpenes are derived from real all-natural cannabis flowers and ultra-refined in our state-of-the-art lab facility to remove cannabinoids and any impurities. Without cannabinoids, our terpene blends can be bought and sold in all 50 US States. 

Our strain-specific terpene blends are scientifically formulated to mimic the real strain’s natural terpene ratios. They are designed to be reintroduced to your strain-specific batch of concentrates or extracts so you can create a superior product for your customers. The final result is a concentrate that feels more potent, tastes like the real cannabis strain, and offers more health benefits and effects than concentrates stripped of their terpenes. 

Best of all, our strain-specific terpenes are available in bulk and wholesale as well as for general consumers in nearly any strain. If you’re a start-up, existing company, processor, dispensary, headshop, grow store, vape shop, or e-commerce store, we’d love to do business. Get in touch today for a free sample! 

What is Connoisseur quality?

A connoisseur by definition is someone with an in-depth understanding of a specific subject or field. No other company has as much collective experience with terpene extraction as we do here at Peak Supply. Our expertise and science-based techniques make us the authority on the subject, or the connoisseur’s if you will. 

That being said, our products are held to standards higher than the industry norm. As a cannabis connoisseur would carefully scrutinize cannabis products before a purchase, we closely examine our products before we sell. We aim to offer the most consistent, flavorful, and affordable terpenes on the market that stand out to connoisseurs, aficionados, and general users everywhere. 

We take pride in bringing nothing but the best for our clients, which is why we are THE ONLY company online with a product guarantee. We promise connoisseur grade terpenes or your money back! Peak Supply Co offers one of the most substantial strain-specific terpene inventories for sale online. We’d love to process your favorite strain, so be sure to get in touch today!


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