Custom Terpene Strain Profiles

At Peak Terpenes, we create unique flavors based on exclusive strains produced by growers from around the world. Using our proprietary methods, Peak Terpenes can develop custom terpene profiles that will smell and taste just like your favorite strains, without the compounds that get you “high”. By removing these compounds or using ingredients that do not contain them, we can create a final terpene blend that is legal everywhere but still captures the essence of what makes that strain great! 

Custom strain profiles are crucial. At Peak Terpenes, we know that no two phenotypes are the same. We also understand that no two cultivators can achieve the same product even if they started with the same strain. Your cut of Girl Scout Cookies tastes better than the cut they used to recreate the terpene profiles you can buy online. So why would you settle for pre-mixed terpene profiles that don’t taste or smell like YOUR actual flowers? 

Our mission is to help you steer clear of cookie-cutter strain profiles that everyone else uses and create unique flavors that are true to taste and effects. Your products should showcase the delicate flavors you worked so tirelessly to produce, giving you a competitive edge and wowing your customers. 

Custom strain profiles are great for a variety of different uses. While adding the terpenes back into a distillate or concentrate that has been stripped of terpenes (like cartridges) is the standard, they taste and smell great in all sorts of topicals, aromatherapy infusions, and candles. 

How To Create Your Own Custom Strain Terpene?

To get started building your custom strain profile with terpenes, follow these simple steps!

Get a terpene test

The first step is getting your flower or extract tested by an accredited lab facility. You only need a terpene test, so don’t worry about testing for potency, pesticides, or contaminants. None of that stuff ends up in the final terpene blend since we recreate from scratch using these results

Mail us your results

You can send your lab results to one of our California Facilities or Partner locations.

Give us a week or two

When we receive your lab results, we immediately get to work deconstructing and reconstructing your strains terpene levels with our terpenes. We need about a week for testing and to get the formula just right. This process doesn’t include the use of regulated materials and won’t contain any unwanted plant compounds. This allows the final product to be a pure-terpene form of your strain that you can safely use in anything.

Check the mail and test your flavors!

In a week or so, we’ll deliver your custom terpene strain profile to your door in discreet, heavy-duty packaging. Custom strain terpenes can be mixed into cartridges to add a more pronounced, familiar flavor to your distillate. They also make great additions to things like aromatherapy infusions, candles, and topicals for anyone who deeply appreciates the wellness benefits of the unique smell and flavor of fresh bud.

We offer huge discounts on bulk and wholesale orders. Best of all, we offer free samples when you pay the shipping! Get in touch with us today to get started on a unique terpene blend that matches your favorite custom cannabis strain.


We’re happy to help! Be sure to get in touch with us today to discuss shipping, payments and refunds, terms and conditions or any other general inquiries.  

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