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Our Complete Inventory of Strain, Isolate and Flavored Terpenes

Peak Terpenes offers the world’s largest selection of all-natural food-grade terpenes available for sale online. All of our terpenes are 100% plant-derived and made from a proprietary blend of natural nut, flower and fruit oils. Best of all, they are made without the use of synthetics, cuts, or viscosity boosters and never contain any VG, PG, or PEG. We make terpenes to suit all of your vape, concentrate, or health and beauty product needs by sustainably sourcing only the finest top-quality plant materials.

Peak Terpenes offers several different flavor profiles to help you gain an edge on the competition. Be sure to try our water-soluble line for edibles and beverages, or our isolated terpenes, fruit-flavored terpenes, cereal or pastry-flavored terpenes and Backwoods terpenes in any vape, extraction, concentrate, or infusion! You can achieve the best flavors and the maximum benefits or effects when you use any line of our terpenes. 

We also serve the cannabis industry! At our state-of-the-art lab facilities, we have the technology to recreate cannabis strain terpene profiles. Using the results from lab-tested cannabis flowers, we can fully capture and recreate the essence of specific cannabis strains without the cannabinoids. 

Check out our full inventory of strain profiles and flavored terpenes below! 

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