Sweet Strains Terpenes

Terpenes are responsible for many health benefits on their own. However, they also work with other organic compounds to promote effects like relaxation, sleepiness, or focus. Take the Banana OG strain, for example. It contains a variety of natural compounds, most notably compounds responsible for “feeling high” but it’s also known for its banana aroma and flavor. These attributes are most commonly associated with the terpene Myrcene. 

Most extraction methods dissolve terpenes and separate them away from the final product often destroying them in the process. Removing terpenes reduces the quality of the product which will now lack in flavor and effects. Stripping terpenes away from a concentrate results in reduced effects, flavor and aroma. This is especially true for strain-specific products, like cartridges and live extracts. Without the terpenes, you lack effects – if your products lack the effects they’re supposed to promote, your customers won’t buy them.

What are Sweet Strains Terpenes

Sweet Strain Terpenes are botanical blends of terpenes and organic flavors like fruit esters. Fruit esters are compounds found in fruit which are responsible for the unique flavor and aroma of a specific fruit. Sweet Strain Terpenes offer the same amazing health benefits of natural terpenes but with the added benefit of tasting like your favorite fruit. These organic compounds can also be used to recreate the flavors of pastries, pies and other desserts. Our line of Sweet Strains include fruit flavors like Banana Kush and Maui. They are an excellent option for replacing flavors lost during the extraction process or creating a new, unique flavors altogether.

Terpene Flavors

Our Sweet Strain Terpenes are sourced from the highest quality botanical biomass to offer the best flavors and superior effects. Our wide-selection of food-grade terpenes make a great addition to any concentrate extraction, infusion, cartridges, edible, beverage, or beauty products. Best of all, they are made using proprietary blends without the use of cutting agents or synthetic materials.

Order our Sweet Strains Terpenes in bulk or wholesale sizes and earn massive discounts. Don’t see the flavor you are looking for? Shoot us an email to get your flavor profile custom made! Wholesale pricing is also available upon request.


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