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Candy-Flavored Terpenes

Candy-Flavored terpenes are a great way to give a delicious new flavor to your favorite concentrates, vape cartridges, infusions, skincare products, CBD/THC tinctures, foods, aromatherapy, edibles, beverages, and more. Peak Terpenes’ Candy-flavored terpenes are made using a proprietary process that breaks down the unique terpene profiles of sugary confections and recreates them using terpenes. They don’t contain any harsh additives, cuts, fillers, or synthetics like VG, PG, and PEG either.

Adding terpenes back to your extracted or infused products is an essential step. Most extraction methods are prone to stripping natural terpene profiles away from the final product. Without the terpenes, your products are doomed to severely lack in flavor, aroma, and potency of effects. Terpenes are directly responsible for tons of health and wellness benefits. When you strip them away from cannabinoids, your results become weaker.

Candy-flavored terpenes are the perfect choice when it comes to replacing natural flavors lost during the extraction process. They can also be added to things like beauty products, edibles, and beverages to add unique scents and flavors. Our terpenes smell and taste just like the real thing minus the artificial stuff, like sugar. Best of all, they add a ton of additional health and wellness benefits to your cannabis products thanks to the entourage effect.

Use our Candy-flavored terpenes to wow your customers with unique and exciting flavors that’ll keep them coming back for more. Don’t see the flavor you’re looking for? Shoot us an email to get your flavor profile custom made! Wholesalers and bulk buyers get a considerable discount. Bulk and wholesale pricing are also available upon request. 

Taste the Difference

They are scientifically formulated to match the distinct flavor and odor profiles of your favorite candies. Best of all, they are ultra-refined in our state-of-the-art lab without the use of any synthetic additives, fillers, or harsh chemicals like PV, PG or PEG. We only use the finest all-natural terpenes that are free of flaws and impurities for all of our terpene products.

Candy-flavored terpenes can create unique flavors when they’re added to your favorite concentrates, vape cartridges, infusions, skincare products, CBD/THC tinctures, foods, aromatherapy, edibles, beverages, and more. When you reintroduce our terpenes to your products, the result is a product that feels more potent, tastes delicious, and offers more health benefits than infusions without terpenes.

The difference is in quality. At Peak Terpenes, we put expert-level attention into the quality of everything we make. We are the only wholesale terpene provider to offer a no-fuss guarantee on our products. Our Peak Performance Guarantee is our promise that everything you purchase from us is functional, delicious, and shipped on time or your money back.


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