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The genetics on the Tangie strain is a cross of a Skunk hybrid and California Orange. Its citrus lineage will tell you why it has its refreshing tangerine scent. It also has a sweet and sour tropical taste.  It has high levels of Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene & Limonene terps.

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(1 customer review)


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Peak Terpenes is proud to offer sweet flavored terpene – TANGIE. Why buy our sweet strains? These unique blends offer wonderful health benefits and effects of our 100% terpene strain profiles. Each sweet-flavored terpene is enhanced to deliver a different kind of sensory.

Our products are all sourced from naturally derived ingredients. Our selection carries a unique blend of terpenes which give them each their own unique aromas and flavors. Getting the right Terpene formulation is the key to creating exceptional terpene selection that people fuss about.

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  1. Que Ramos

    Tangie Sweet Flavored Terpene is what I am eagerly waiting for. I immediately bought one and


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