MALIBU OG Terpene Strain

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MALIBU OG Terpene Strain


Malibu OG is a known Indica strain with its lineage not fully known, but It’s an OG Kush relative. As you open its container, you will be welcome with a pungent, sweet citrusy & earthy smell. It has high levels of Limonene, Myrcene, Fenchol and Linalool.

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(1 customer review)


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What terpenes should I use to reminisce my all-time favorite strain? Buy our award-winning MALIBU OG terps based on award-winning strain MALIBU OG profile sure to improve the flavor of any vape, concentrate, tincture, or food products. 


Our formulation¬†team¬†has worked day and night to recreate the terpene profile of every customer’s need.¬†Peak Terpenes are¬†100% plant-based products¬†without any types of fillers. Our products are tested using precise procedures and¬†the highest quality of testing materials.

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1 review for MALIBU OG Terpene Strain

  1. tomas_aloisio

    I will order again from PEAK but at the strength this blend should last me quite some time.

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