Terpene Isolates

Terpenes in their purest form are known as terpene isolates. They are extracted naturally from fruits, flowers, and herbs. Each isolate offers its own collection of health and wellness benefits. Terpene isolates provide a ton of different effects and benefits, though the most common ones are anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, increased energy, relaxation, pain reduction, and euphoria.

With science to support the benefits of terpene isolates, many serious home-based entrepreneurs and commercial product formulators alike are diligently working to innovate terpene isolates into new and improved formulas. By adding multiple terpene isolates together in a product, you can offer maximum benefits to your customers. Whether you make cartridges, beauty products, tinctures, edibles, beverages, extractions or infusions, terpene isolates can give your products a competitive edge.

Why chose Peak Terpene Isolates?

We know you have a choice when it comes to terpene providers, but no other choice comes close to our level of quality. Our terpene isolates are extracted from all-natural food-grade fruit, flower, and herbs in our state-of-the-art facility. With our proprietary extraction and refinement method, we remove plant materials and any leftover impurities, leaving behind the purest terpene isolates on the market.

Our terpene isolates are meant to be introduced to your favorite extracts, concentrates, beauty products, foods, and beverages. By adding terpene isolates, you can create the best products for your customers. Adding our terpene isolates can help you offer products to your customers that feel more potent, taste better, smell better, and offer health benefits that you may be lacking.

Any company that wants to offer mindful, great-tasting products with extra health benefits to their customers should utilize Peakā€™s Terpene Isolates. Order our terpene isolates in bulk or wholesale sizes and earn massive discounts. Wholesale pricing is also available upon request.


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