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Experiment with custom vape flavors using our Starter Alchemy Set

Fill Your Own Cartridges!

Peak Terpenes offers the first all-in-one DIY solution that will walk you through how to mix and fill your own cartridges. Mixing and filling your own  cartridges is a great way to save money on concentrates by creating a more stable oil that stretches your supply. Mixing and filling your own cartridges also gives you more control over your dosages. Best of all, it’s fun and rewarding to mix and create your own unique flavors!

Experiment With Our Starter Alchemy Set

The starter alchemy kit is designed for beginner hobbyists, individuals, or small home-based entrepreneurs who want to save a little money on supplies and learn how to mix and fill cartridges. The kit comes with handy video walkthroughs and how-to guides so that you can do it like the pros on a smaller scale.

The kit contains everything necessary to fill your own cartridges, including terpenes, diluents, cartridges and more. All you have to get separately is your favorite, meltable concentrates. If you don’t waste any product, this kit can be stretched as far as 50 1g cartridges. Additional materials, like extra syringes and cartridge tips, are available in the cartridge filling accessories section of our store.

Here’s the full list of materials included in the Starter Alchemy set:

1 No harm syringe
1 Glass dab syringe
1 Food grade syringe
1 5ml bottle of Terps
1 15ml bottle of viscosity booster
1 Two pack of alcohol wipes
1 Pair Medical Gloves
5 Assorted best-selling cartridges
1 Foam cartridge holder
1 Stainless Steel mixing ramekin


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