PRO Alchemy Kit

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PRO Alchemy Kit


Ready to take it to the next level? Our Alchemy kits can now come with our Full Spectrum Live Terpenes! Take the guesswork out of making your own vape cartridges. This kit features some of the same great products (and more!) in our Alchemy Starter kit but with larger quantities and more savings! Not sure what Full Spectrum Live Terpenes are? Click here to find out.

How much can you save with this kit?

A LOT. The final cost of your completed cartridge will be between $9.99 – $11.39 per cartridge.

50 CBD cartridges retail for $30 per piece totaling $1,500

50 CBD Live resin/sauce/rosin cartridges retail for $50 totaling $2,500

*If you have your own THC concentrate the retail value of your end products can be 2x more when using Full Spectrum Live Terpenes. Live carts are typically sold for $80-$100 per cartridge retail.

With a little bit of work you can enjoy huge savings and higher margins.

This kit is perfect for the doers, movers and entrepreneurs  looking to start their own cartridge company or for those that just want to control the products they use from start to finish.

Don’t want CBD? No problem! Just select one of the options that do not include CBD. This kit customizable!

(1 customer review)
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What’s in the PRO Alchemy kit:

  1. TWO Wide needle syringes for Thick Oil
  2. TWO No needle Food grade syringes
  3. THREE 7ml capacity pipettes
  4. TWO Glass Medical Grade Dab syringes
  5. ONE 5ml bottle of Botanical or Live Terpenes
  6. ONE 15ml bottle of Viscosity Booster or Stabilizer
  7. FIVE Two packs of alcohol wipes
  8. THREE Pairs of medical grade Gloves
  9. TWO Disposible Cartridge/Battery Combos (style depends on availability)
  10. ONE Large Foam cartridge holder for easy filling
  11. ONE all glass pharmaceutical grade beaker
  12. FIFTY Cartridges (3 options available) 
  13. 50g of Cyrstal Resistant CBD Distillate (optional)


Instructions and video for this kit are now available 24/7 online!

CLICK HERE for an in-depth guide


Terpene mixing instructions and set FAQs


1. How many cartridges can this set make?

It comes with 50 of our best selling cartridges, but you have enough supplies to make more than 50 cartridges if you do not waste any product. 


2. Can this set be used with any concentrate?

Yes! If you watch the video tutorial you will see that nearly any cannabis or hemp concentrate can be used in conjunction with this set as long as it can melt.


3. Can I reuse the oil syringe?

Maybe but it would be easier to buy a new syringe all together.


4. How do I clean my glass beaker?

Soak it in alcohol or wipe it down with an alcohol wipe until it is no longer sticky.


5. Can I buy additional supplies for my kit?

Yes! all of these supplies are available and sold separately in our store!

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  1. eusebrx

    I tried the starter pack and I am satisfied. I wanna try this pro version. Thank you for this upgraded version.

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