ACDC Terpene Strain

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ACDC Terpene Strain


ACDC is a sativa-dominant phenotype of  Cannatonic. In every bottle you’ll get an earthy and lemongrass flavored. It has been reported that users are feeling relaxed, happy, focused, and euphoric on their experience with this strain. The main terpenes on this blend are beta-Pinene, beta-Caryophyllene and beta-Myrcene.

(1 customer review)
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What terpenes should I use to reminisce my all-time favorite strain? Buy our award-winning ACDC terps based on award-winning strain ACDC profile sure to improve the flavor of any vape, concentrate, tincture, or food products.

Our formulation team has worked day and night to recreate the terpene profile of every customer’s need. Peak Terpenes are 100% plant-based products without any types of fillers. Our products are tested using precise procedures and the highest quality of testing materials.

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1oz, 2ml, 4oz, 5ml, 8oz, 15ml, 16oz, 32oz

1 review for ACDC Terpene Strain

  1. rockymalina77

    Nearly the best Terpene blends out there. Top Notch Customer Service too from the PEAK

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