Create Your Own Cartridge Brand

Peak Terpenes is the first to offer an all-in-one DIY solution that will help you launch a new cartridge business from your own home! There is a ton of profit to be made from filling and mixing your own cartridges. More and more new cartridge companies are springing up every day, and yours can too! By mixing and filling your own cartridges, you can save money and stretch your concentrates further without sacrificing potency. Peak Terpenes’ all-in-one solution can even help you design custom packaging for your cartridges to help you gain a competitive edge.

The Pro Alchemy Kit

The pro alchemy set is designed for intermediate hobbyists, individuals, and entrepreneurs who want to save a ton of money on supplies and launch a new cartridge brand from scratch. It’s designed to take the guesswork out of larger batches. The kit comes with an in-depth, step-by-step guide that will walk you through the cartridge mixing and filling process in larger quantities.

The pro alchemy set contains everything you’ll need to fill up a 20 gram batch of cartridges, excluding your favorite meltable base concentrate. Inside, you can find filling supplies and accessories, terpenes, diluents, and empty cartridge tips. If you don’t waste any product, this kit can be stretched as far as 100 1g cartridges. You can get additional materials, like extra cartridge tips or syringes, anytime from the cartridge filling accessories section of our store.

Here’s a full list of everything included in the pro alchemy kit:

10 No harm syringes for Thick Oil
10 Food grade syringe
5 Glass Medical Grade dab syringe
5 5ml bottles of Terps
(Pick Your Strains)
1 30ml bottle of Viscosity Booster
1 30ml bottle of Viscosity Stabilizer
10 Two pack of alcohol wipes
10 Pair Medical Gloves
20 Assorted cartridges
(or Pick the type you want)
5 Disposable Cartridge and Battery Combos (Fully Charged)
1 Large Foam cartridge holder for filling
5 Stainless Steel mixing ramekins

Any orders that do not have a terpene selection listed will receive an assortment of our current top sellers


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