Cartridge Filling Accessories

 We offer individuals and B2B/B2C companies all the supplies necessary to fill your own cartridges along with helpful video tutorials and step-by-step how-to guides. 

At Peak Terpenes, you can find diluents like our viscosity stabilizer “thickener” and viscosity boosters along with liquefiers, and other critical cartridge filling supplies like batteries, syringes, gloves, alcohol and more.

We offer the safest, most effective products at the lowest prices online, hands down. Best of all, there are several discounts available when you bundle cartridge filling supplies with our all-natural terpene blends. Huge discounts are also available on bulk and wholesale orders, so be sure to get in touch!


We’re happy to help! Be sure to get in touch with us today to discuss shipping, payments and refunds, terms and conditions or any other general inquiries.  

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